Chinmaya Vision Program

The Chinmaya Vision Programme is what makes the Chinmaya Education Institutions ‘Schools with a Difference’. It concretises Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji’s vision of education. Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP) was born to enshrine the philosophy of education developed by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji in the heart of every growing child to bring out the best in him/her.  CVP is a comprehensive educational programme for schools which integrates the best in our culture and philosophy of education. It aims at giving children a true vision of life to help them face challenges in a positive and dynamic manner and heartily contribute to society. The child is the focal point of this programme. The programme also embraces the school management, teachers and parents. Through them, the light of this vision spreads to the society, country, and the world at large.

The CVP can be identified under four head

Integreted Development

It aims at the overall unfolding and gentle blossoming of the child at the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels of his or her personality .It implies overall well-being , emotional balance of the students, manifestation of his or her inherent intellectual capacities and enhancing existing ones and enabling the child to discover his or her inherent divinity and to manifest it

Indian Culture

Indian Culture has a philosophy behind it- it is not only a study of an art or Science as in western countries. A way of life, morality,aestheticism and one's attitude to life are shaped by the knowledge and understanding of our rich culture.Under this head the child is given a wide exposure to the various aspects of our culture, cultural awareness and appreciation of the vast literary artistic and scientific heritages. Thus, knowledge of cultural root enhances self esteem of the students.


Patriotism is love and pride in one's motherland. It is deep-seated emotion that enables one to put one's motherland before oneself and one's family. A united country, wherein each citizen is inspired to give out his very best in a spirit of selfless dedication, demanding nothing for himself except the privilege of serving the country, develops into a mighty nation and a tower of strength to the whole world.Through this ideology,each student is rooted in the conviction that he or she is an Indian first and foremost, irrespection of differences of caste, community, religion, state or race.

Universal Outlook

A universal outlook is the appreciation of sensitivity and commitment to universal issues. After mindless pillage of nature, the world needs to come back to a universal holistic view of life. It helps students to mould themselves as responsible citizens of the world, live in harmony with creation and to elevate their relationship with God as universal force. CVP looks at the universal outlook from an economic, technological, philosophical and cultural angle.Students discover unity and relationship between the universe, man and God and begin to wonder at the beauty and vastness of creation.

  • CVP makes significant breakthrough in the charater-moulding an presonality development of growing children complementing academisc  excellence which is wht true education in all about
  • CVP is a value education and value based education . Value educaitonm is when a specific time is alloated for including values through stories,activitir,games,etc.Value based Education is when you impart values in and through all academics subjects and co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the vidyalaya
  • CVP is the Vision expanding programme.Starting from self-development, it helps to create a well knit family, cohesive sociery , a strong country and a peaceful world